The Huawei Conspiracy

Donald Trump, president of the United States of America recently placed a ban preventing ANY American company from doing business with the Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei. This has effectively killed any chance Huawei has of maintaining their current growth. Is there something deeper at play here? Is someone doing Huawei dirty? Or is it simply the USA putting a stop to the Chinese spying? Let’s get down to the business here.

Huawei has released several popular phones as of late, including the P30, and P30 pro. Their much anticipated phone, the Mate X was originally set for a release sometime in 2019. It would have been a direct competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. Curious isn’t it, that Huawei should fall so soon after Samsung unveils their folding phone to the world? There must be something more here.

Samsung is the number one phone manufacturer in the world, selling 71.9 Million phones in the first quarter of 2019. Huawei is close on Samsung’s tail at 59.1 Million phones sold in the same period of time. Already having surpassed Apple, they are aiming to dethrone Samsung as the most popular smartphone brand. BUT, no longer. Now that Huawei’s supply and connection to smartphone manufacturing has been basically cut off, they will have to resort to other measure to survive. I will not be surprised to see a DRASTIC drop in sales this quarter.

Who is at fault? I’ll tell you who. Samsung. Samsung has killed Huawei. All the evidence is right in front of us. The sales figures, the competition. Samsung has all the motive to do this. They weren’t ready to give in to Huawei and bow down to the once and future king so they chopped off his head.

You may think that this is outrageous, but look at all the motive that Samsung has. They were on the verge of losing their top sales spot, and also were scared their fold-able phone wouldn’t be as popular as Huawei’s. So they used their connections with the USA to plant some seeds of doubt in the right people’s minds and just like that, a competitor destroyed. Excellent work Samsung.

What does this mean going forward? Increased sales for Samsung, no competition with the release of their folding phone, and just more room for Samsung and Apple to breathe. It’s a conspiracy I tell you! These companies seem to all be plotting against each-other, but in reality, Apple and Samsung are working together to destroy all the competition. Watch out Xiaomi and Oppo, you’re next!

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